Team “Artistic” Profiles

Steve Hall
Not genetically modified, (or so he says), Steve leads the SM1 team and is our main Client Management point of contact. Steve lives on a boat and a motorcycle; but thankfully only sleeps on one.

Jay Edwards
Mr Production
What Jay (short for James as he’s getting down with the kids) doesn’t know about digital print, large format and file types isn’t worth knowing. He’s also a great advocate of Military Fitness, so we never question him anyway.

Anthony Richardson
As you can tell from the shoes, Ant R is our most creative team member! Anthony is our design powerhouse and green warrior. This carries through to his home life as he cycles to work and grows all his own food……well some of it anyway.

Anthony Porter
Affectionately known as Antoine. He’s not French, he just happened to be here first. Anthony is responsible for all things money and plays the violin. Reluctant to use the old adage “on the fiddle”, but it had to be done.

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