How to maximise Postage Budget

Whilst some Marketing Managers have moved their budgets from postal to email, others are re-visiting the benefit of sending communication by post – primarily a higher response rate.


Rather than asking a designer to start from scratch, at SM1 Print Studio we can take a rough design, outline or sketch and convert it into an artwork ready file.

Digital Printing

At SM1 Print Studio we can act as your internal production room. We have the latest digital printing equipment that can personalise, print, fold, stich and envelope your direct mail campaign. All you need to do is ensure the artwork is ready and supply your database.


At SM1 Print Studio we can organise the pre-sorting and postage for you and negotiate the lowest possible postage prices from the Royal Mail.

Check Paper Stock and Weight

The weight and stock of the paper can significantly impact on your budget. Please ask us for advice and samples.