Being Green

We consider ourselves to be an environmentally aware company. Taking personal responsibility for our actions, we all try to ensure everything we do has the minimum impact on the environment.

This can be seen in the amount of waste we firstly produce, and then in how much of that waste we then recycle.

All paper/cardboard/packaging waste is bagged and recycled through ‘New leaf Recycling’. Plastic, metal and other recyclables are bagged and recycled through the ‘First Mile’ recycling scheme in partnership with ‘Successful Sutton’. These initiatives means that over 95% (as measured by weight) of our waste is recycled.

As a team we are mindful of our personal impact as well as our commercial impact on the environment. Over 60% of the team use public transport to travel to work, and as the situation allows, visits to clients are always carried out using public transport as a preferred option.

In conjunction with our paper merchants, we can now offer a ‘Carbon Capture’ scheme, whereby we calculate the carbon created by the paper used within your printed material. We can then offset this with tree planting schemes, thus ensuring all your printed material is carbon neutral. As a ‘social responsibility’ initiative this is extremely cost effective, is great for the environment, and can produce very positive PR.

Recycled papers are extensively used in packaging and newsprint, areas where high white, consistent surfaces aren’t as essential as in more ‘fine art’ areas such as corporate material and advertising. We will always help and advise you of the best solution for the media we are producing for you, but don’t assume because the paper is labelled as recycled that it is the most environmentally friendly. All of the papers we use are sourced from sustainable sources and are produced in the most environmentally friendly methods.

With the growing awareness of carbon miles, and the impact distribution and delivery can have on an items environmental impact, we pride ourselves on being physically close to our clients. This allows us to respond quickly whilst still keeping delivery impact to a minimum.

Having an easily accessible location means that discussing jobs, checking proofs and collecting jobs are easily done.

As a minimum standard of environmental responsibility we ensure all of our papers are sourced from sustainable forests, and the manufacturing process has as small an impact on the environment as possible.

We don’t, as a matter of course, use 100% recycled papers (post consumer waste), as the quality, consistency and colour of these grades can often have a detrimental effect. Instead we use, and encourage all our clients, to use 100% recycled content within their packaging materials. This is an obvious and appropriate use for recycled papers, and means the waste isn’t going into landfills.

If your project lends itself to a recycled paper, we are more than happy to use recycled grades, and the result is often striking and effective.

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