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Christmas Business Gifts

November 25, 2019
Looking for a comprehensive guide to Christmas business gifts that aims to answer all your most pressing questions? Well looks like this article is for you. Let's dive right in. Christmas Business presents for Employees Let's talk about business presents that have ... Read More


Have you ever heard of a QR Code? It looks like a little box that has a maze going on inside it. Similar to barcodes, they are also able to be scanned. Except, Quick Response Codes are more powerful and can contain much more information than the traditional barcode. These codes originally ... Read More


When starting or scaling a business, the more you can save, the better. Quality products and services are imperative, but good marketing will help your businesses visibility. So how can you avoid overspending, or even worse, buying cheap and buying twice! Here are 6 alternatives to help you create some ... Read More


January felt like the longest month ever, February is draaaagggggiing, and those dreams of sitting on the beach living your 'best life' as an entrepreneur just won't fade! But seriously how easy is it to start your own business whilst employed and is being an entrepreneur as amazing as ... Read More


So... you have your own social media account and you've probably spent your lunchbreak scrolling, liking and increasing your engagement and popularity. But how sociable is your business? Social Media is one of the most inexpensive but powerful tools to ... Read More



Are Business Cards Dead?

February 1, 2016
Surely with the modern age and advent of new technology the website has now taken the place of the business card?  If someone wants to know more about you, all you need to do is give them the address of ... Read More


Once upon a time there was a young business entrepreneur named Alice who had heard all about the benefits of social media. Her friend Mr R White was always busy updating his social status and had quite a crowd of followers all eager ... Read More


Yes it's that time of year when lovers go all dewy eyed over each other and bunches of roses are marked up 150% in price. You might be thinking of lavishing attention on your better half ... Read More


According to Wikipedia, B2B is defined as "commerce transactions between businesses, such as between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or between a wholesaler and a retailer". Every business relies on other businesses to some extent to help them run their own. Where else would they get their ... Read More


When is target marketing a business not classed as business targeting? The answer, when advertising companies look to a business profile to determine the consumer characteristics that are likely to be interested in their offer. Cross-over marketing isn't a new idea but if the target audience ... Read More